Grateful for your talent & skill


I figured I'd use the message board rather than writing to your private email, so that MJBLUE site-surfers would get the benefit of another take on your value as a consumate musician/performer to those of us who already well know and love your work.

First, thank you for another memorable visit to the 'Sweet Nothin' Cafe. All these little ripples of thanks keep coming back to Wendy and me from those in attendance, weeks after the event. I noticed an entry from Tim Brennan, and another from two other guests. They, like so many of your listeners, understand what you bring to the table.

This is a tough business. Perhaps the toughest. The irony isn't lost on me that because of how tough it really is, I get to benefit (as a purchaser) and have a world-class performer spin magic for my friends, in the intimate surroundings of my home. For, if things were as they SHOULD be, the closest my friends and I would get, would be three or four rows back in the front floor section of the Fleet Center.

This summer, while taking a brief Nantucket vacation, Wendy and I stayed with friends who own a guest house on the island. Our last night there, Jackson Browne and Liv Taylor were bunking in (in the unit directly next to ours) -- apparently after a private affair for which they played, on-island. We slept through the "Groupie-fest" that apparently occurred, later that night. Our hosts were less than thrilled with the mess they had to clean up, the next morning.

Frankly (nothing against either Jackson or Livingston, you understand), I think my guests got the better deal, and heard the better music...

So... until next Fall, be safe, Michael. Be Well. Wishing you and yours the very best holidays and a banner year to come.