Merry Chrismas Michael. Just wanted to send the elusive Michael a holiday greeting. Hope your holidays bring you good health, lots 'o love and lot "o loot. Timber (my Golden Retriever) and I are having the fam damly here for Christmas & my birthday for the yearly food and present fest. I look forward to watching baby Skyler open gifts with all the ooos and ahhhhs. There is nothing sweeter than to see a child look into a glowing Christmas tree with all the decorations and anticipating what is inide all those lovely presents. Sarah's smile is still brighter than the Northern Star and is the greatest gift of all for me. This is our first Christmas without Nina, so it may be a bit sad at times. It is a good time to remember those not here and yet celebrate those that are, and how our lives are enriched because of them. With everything woven into the "tapastry" of our lives, I think it is safe to say mine so far is a full and beautiful blanket of "time". A rainbow of colors, a few guilded golden strings, and ohhhh ya, a few frayed areas. All in all, an interesting and well worn blanket. It has so far been a pretty good life. No regrets, ok maybe a few, but we won't talk about those. The house all decorated and aglo' with lights, a blazing fireplace, and the scent of burnt food, ooops, I mean pine boughs and Christmas baking, set the mood for love and memories here in Minnesota. Hope this year brings you good friends, family, and memories Michael. Special greetings to Leo & Stan and the rest of your family.
Merry Chistms old friend, hope you are doing well. Keep singing! In these days of worry, war and feeling unsafe, music is still one of the few things that can ground us and remind all of us we need to summon the however innocent child within us and enjoy the good life that is STILL around us. PEACE.