Dr. Smith
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Well Cindy,

I cannot top your Kermit joke, but how about this one?

Dr. Smith closed up his office one night, and headed home. There was a bar located next to his practice. Dr. Smith was not a drinking man, but on a sudden impulse, he went into the establishment and took a seat. The bartender said, "What will you have, sir?" The doctor smiled, and said, "I am Dr. Smith. I have never had a drink in my life, but for once I would like to try one. Could you suggest one?" The bartender said, "Why sure, Dr. Smith. My name is Dick, and I will fix you something special!" With that, Dick took out a blender, and several ingredients. He mixed it all well in the blender, and poured it into a fancy glass. He handed it to Dr. Smith, and said, "Try it!" Dr. Smith took a sip, and exclaimed, "Why Dick, that is delicious, what is it?!" Dick replied, "Why Dr. Smith, that is a Almond Dacquiri." Dr. Smith said, "From now on, I will stop by here after I close my office and have this same drink!"
And so, many weeks, and months passed. The good doctor came into the bar like clockwork; always sitting in the same chair, and Dick the bartender always had Dr. Smith's drink waiting for him in the same glass. On one night, however, Dick the bartender realized he did not have any almonds to make Dr. Smith's usual drink. He did have some hickory nuts, and wondered if the doctor would notice the difference. He mixed the drink exactly as he had done for many months, but used the hickory nuts instead.
Right on schedule, in walks Dr. Smith, and sits down. Dick placed the drink on the table, and Dr. Smith took a sip. The doctor said, "Is this an Almond Dacquiri, Dick?"

Dick replied, "No, that's a Hickory Dacquiri, Doc!"