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By any chance, would this be the song? It's the only Jerry Reed song
I can recall which mentions rainbows. If so, the song was on a 1997
CD: BMG Golden Classics Edition, COL-2702. The CD is a re-issue of
both the "When You're Hot, You're Hot" album and the "Ko-Ko-Joe"

Like Roger Miller, I suppose Jerry Reed will always be remembered
for several weird and whacky songs which were commercially successful,
sad in a way. Both men have written and recorded some of the most
beautiful and inspirational music, few of which received airplay.
(Radio has always been stupid. They don't play MJ either...).

If you are lucky enough to find some of Reed's re-issues, listen to
"Early Morning Rain," "Smell the Flowers," "I Love You, What Can I
Say," "A Brand New Day," "Seasons of My Mind." And I'll bet if you
listen to Reed's upbeat version of "You'll Never Walk Alone" you
won't believe it could possibly be the same song as that Jerry Lewis
MD Telethon tear-jerker!

Good Luck, Brenda! I hope the following song really is the one you're
looking for. If not, post again and I'll keep hunting!


Thank You Girl - Tootie Tanner
As Sung By Jerry Reed

Thank you girl for loving me (for loving me)
Thank you girl for loving me (for loving me)

I never thought that I would find a girl like you
A girl to make me feel the way you do
Before you came along nobody noticed me
I thought that I was
Born to be a loner
Until your love took me and made me over

So I want to thank you girl for loving me
I want to thank you girl
For all the happiness you brought to me
Thank you girl for loving me (for loving me)
I want to thank you girl (thank you girl)
For loving me (for loving me)

Your love has changed my life so many ways
Loving you is waking up to happy days
I know before the sun goes down I'll be with you
And you and me babe we'll go
Capture some rainbows
Go chasing dreams for just as long as the wind blows

(Repeat Chorus)

This spell you've put on me is strong and I can't break it
If I could find a cure for you I would not take it
Without your loving me I know I can't go on
But just as long as we are
Close together
We're gonna make it baby that's all that matters

(Repeat Chorus)