Time to wake up and contribute!

This is a great site, very informative with respect to MJ's work....but where are all the posts?

C'mon folks, kick in a little conversation, lets keep this place a fun spot to visit!

Ok....here's a topic, what are some of your favorite cd's you've purchased this year? Have you seen any concerts?

Mine would be: Michael's Live cd, autographed, and bought from this very site! Springsteens' "the Rising",it gets better with every listen,and Hawaiian slack key guitar masters collection volume 2, to name a few.

Saw Springsteen In boston a month ago, and was fortunate enough to have back stage passes and a meet and greet with little steven..aka one of the "sopranos"
Hmmmm...am looking for a classical guitar I can call mine, also keeping my eye out for a mandolin......so..there's another topic,,,xmas music wants!

I started the topic, lets see some folks run with it!