Musical Styles, Free Form Radio and Other Musings.

I haven't checked out the board here for a few months, and then saw a previous post. (I seem to have missed MJ at the Cafe Carpe this time by as well...)

The thread re: the DJ competition, different styles of music, etc. struck a chord (pun intended) with me. I happened to be involved in a radio station which had a free form format at one point in time. It was later switched to "block formatting". (I was fortunate enough to have MJ on 18 years ago this month.)

Now, when it was "free form" most shows really weren't. A few were. They got rave reviews from the critics. They are not necessarily popular with a great many people because, frankly, most folks like a particular style or narrow range of styles, and seek them out. This is just as well, as one should simply turn the dial if one doesn't like something.

Curiously, the "free form" tag was changed to "alternative", which at one time had real meaning, but over time deteriorated into just another label.

I'm not a fan of all styles, but recognize that other folks are. On the other hand, my ears were opened through the very process of being on the air, as I had the opportunity to sample a great many artists I would not have normally sought out. Come to think of it, even within the genre of folk and acoustic music, I wouldn't have heard of MJ had it not been for the good Mr. Plotkin back in 1984. In the same way, the proprieter of the Cafe Carpe, Mr. Camplin, used to say that I once turned him on to a number of folks who he had never heard of before.

I may not like a style, but I sure don't mind a discussion.

- Dick

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