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First, let me apologize for my youthful hot-headedness. It isn't proper of me, nor acceptable, to come onto another artist's messageboard and start calling names. Please try to understand that from my perspective, however, individuals who rip on what I do for a living and make broad judgemental statements about our nitche isn't exactly mature in my book either.

When I posted about this Battle of the DJ's, I was merely trying to invite and supply other musicians and DJ's an opportunity to partake in an alternative, and somewhat new style of music. It really isn't too far off from a "Battle Of The Bands" competition - just a different genera.

Jayssan, thanks for your last post; very informative this time. (respectable too) That I actually gained something from. (Bou - don't even start with cracks about wiseness with age, age is an arbitrary measure of wiseness!)

Please allow me to supply a possible alternative explaination of the decrease in "instrument" purchases. Granted, the shift from singer-songwriter to the "I'm a whore for $$$" ideal of "Rap" did have an impact - however I feel that's only a minimal impact. Again, let me point you to the "Digital Age". In a band, typically, one guy is mainly responsible for percussion, one for lead guitar, one for vocals, etc... To deal with finding enough talented individuals who share similar musical interests to put toghther a recpectable band is difficult in its own right. That's part of the mistique of a band.

See it from my eyes though. I have a cranium full of ideas. With this digital age, I don't have to go hassle with artistic differences, practice times, etc, I just go to my studio and do what's in my head. I am the only weakness, everything comes back to me. BUT, I CAN DO IT ALL MYSELF! I rely on NO ONE. That ability to rely on no one but myself is a godsend for many and drives hordes to the technology departments at the music stores. That ability to "do it all" speaks chapters about the recent shift away from spending hours learning how to physically play an instrument. But don't let that fool you, those hours get sucked up elsewhere! In the following, I'm not trying to force you to respect me and what I do, but just show what it takes to do what I do. (by the way, I too work at a music store - MARS Music - and have seen a recent trend in bands buying Drum Machines to accompany their sets! What's with that?)

It is just as challenging for me as an individual to create a song. I have to program the rhythms, harmonies, melodies, basslines, etc. For me I can't just specialize in just one instrument, say guitars, and know everything to know about them - I have to have extended knowledge on EVERY aspect of a song and its somposition. Sure, the talent of physically plucking away at a six-string isn't there for me, but instead, I have to know how to recreate that sound and feel of that instrument in the digital domain I have chosen. I have to figure out how to create a Frampton-style Talk-Box sound without a friggen Talk-Box. (assuming I want that) I have to know the difference between the exact tonal qualities a 20" kick and a 22" kick of various manufacturers and choose the right sound for my song.

On top of having to know substantial amounts about everything, I still have to deal with the basics - keeping everything in key, chords, crescendo, arpeggios, tonal inflections, the difference between a C natural and a B-Flat, and so on..... Then, I have to figure out how to make everything work together - Drum Machines, Synths, Sequencers, Samplers, and the computer. I had to learn MIDI and what it allows me to do. I have to constantly juggle file formats, sampling frequencies, bit rates, etc.

Then I get to mixdown and master everything - that cost me several hundred hours of free time and $ to learn. (best part is, it's a never ending endevour!)

Again, I'm not looking for pity, just longing for "old-schoolers" (I'll probably get ripped for that one) to understand that it isn't just sample away, throw some lyrics over it, and make millions. (The Millions comes more from marketability and heavy promotion - just like you said Jayssan) The talent of physically playing an instrument may be waning, but that time and talent is being shifted elsewhere.

Now I'm tired, managed to confuse myself I think, and am growing bored of this conversation. Therefore, I to will probably leave this thread out to pastuer.

I will, however, invite any and all of you to check out my latest endevour - the Driven Entertainment Network. We have founded a group of record labels geared to the re-innovation of the music industry and the return of music to the musician - not the label execs. Our initial website should finally be done by the end of next week so check it out:


If it isn't up and running by then, give us another week or two. We've been running into several major glitches along the way.

Have a lovely evening,

- Dj Skyy