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Hmmm, seems that some people have enjoyed the thread, and some have not, so in an attempt at closure? This will be my last words on the subject (maybe).

If you'll indulge me, a little about my background. I began working in a music store at 19, I can still remember tagging 8 tracks for sale, wow has time changed a bit?

I opened my own music store in 1984, and I have to say, in my eyes at least, the music business has lost control of itself over the years, corporate greed took over instead of quality control, and the end result is, kids just are not getting the musical education they once had an interest in. What they are exposed to in many cases, is filth, and attitudes which they cannot possibly understand. What is important in Compton is very important I am sure, but how those lyrics are interpreted in Iowa by some kid who has no clue? Very unsettling.

Thru the late 70's into about 1990, I sold hundreds, probably thousands of guitars to kids. With the advent of rap/urban/whattever you want to call it, I watched my instrument sales ALONE plummet by 60 thousand dollars in one year. Think about that for a moment. All of a sudden, it wasn't cool to be in a band,,,,but it WAS cool to wear your hat backwards and wear pants 5 sizes too big.

Sales of both instruments, and CD's declined nationally. Pop, rock, etc., has a shelf life. If a Springsteen releases a new CD? The older recordings take on a new life, as buyers want to discover more on the artist. Not true in almost all cases, with the urban/rap/dance/techno stuff. Its "old school," not cool etc. Also bad for your local music store.

Its a shame that this is happening on a national level. Alison Krauss should be a name known in every home, she has talent at a level seldom seen. But? It wont happen, she doesn't wear a belly shirt. Instead, if you turn on your TV? Most likely you will be treated to some 25 minute version of the star spangled banner by someone who pulls out every vocal trick, hiccup, etc. It may be a lot of sound, but it aint music to these ears.
Ever hear of Eva Cassidy? Nope, probably not, but she is another of the purest voices on CD. Michael Johnson SHOULD be a house hold name as well, and one well placed late night commercial (think of the ones you've already seen) would probably get him the exposure he so deserves, and increase his bookings as well, radio has no home for true art it seems. If a new George Jones CD comes out? No airplay. BUT, write a song about him? Theyll play it non stop. strange isn't it?

Radio follows the money trail, and the money trail starts at the record company level.If junk sells? Junk is all you will hear when you tune in.Meanwhile, kids are not getting to hear all the great music that is out there, arent gazing in wonder at a Hendrix, arent learning the subtle vocal skills of a Tony Bennett, arent building a musical knowledge on the vast recorded musical treasures that still exist. And, thats my problem in a nutshell.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, here's hoping the thread at least provoked some thought, or gave you some pleasure in the reading.

best wishes to all, Jay