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HAHAHAHAHA! If you've genuinely spent 25 years in the music industry, you must have spent it in a closet!

First, there is a difference between DiscJockey and DJ. Though they technically mean the same thing, there is a vast canyon of difference.

Disc Jockey = the guy at a wedding reception spinning requests or the guy on the radio who plays what he is told to by programming engineers.

DJ = guy who takes music created by others as well as himself and uses those songs as tools (or his instruments to compare to a "band" ideal) to compose a larger all-encompassing vibe or feeling in the club or the party by choosing select passages from each track essentially creating one gigantic song.

Secondly, as far as stealing licks and loops - it happens, big deal. It will forever and always now that the digital age is here. Very, very few artists compose anything without influences or even outright sampling note for note these days - even those who consider themselves "pure" musicians. (Elvis stole many *licks* from Chubby Checker and other musicians by the way - just in case you missed that day in your theory classes.)

Third, RAP?!! where did that come from *looks back to prior comment about uneducated and simple-minded* You automatically assumed that that's what all DJ's including myself listen to and play?? Hmmmmm... Interesting.

Besides, how can you say that rap has no shelf-life? It hasn't been around long enough to have legitimate shelf life. It's all generational, 30 and 40 years from now, the generation that grew up in the '90's and '00's will be requesting Dr. Dre and Nelly at weddings - I guarantee it - same as whats going on with Elvis and Glenn Miller Orchestra now. Already, I've seen weddings and parties that the only requests were disco and '80's crap - no Elvis,Beatles, or Glenn Miller.

Finally, if you seriously say that the Beatles, Elvis and Glenn Miller were REAL music, you're in for a world of hurt in debates with me my misguided friend! Take them and compare them to music today and break down the songs to their basics. On the simplest level, the reason people listened to Elvis and listen to Nelly or N*SYNC today is that they both are composed of nothing more than strong, hummable hooks and memorable, singable choruses and lyrics that speak to the lowest common denominator. They were and are also rebellious or struck an emotional nerve (primarialy speaking of girls there) to some extent in the eyes of the music-buying masses - teenagers. That's it. That's pop music in its elemental state. That's why I say today's rap and pop music WILL have a substantial "shelf-life" despite it's lack of imagination.

If you were serious about *REAL* music, why didn't you mention Mozart, Back, Tchaicovski (spelling?) and most of all, the man who made many of his songs by implementing mathematics - BEETHOVEN? That's your real music right there man. Shelf-life? shit, hundreds of years. 300 years from now, you seriously think people will still think the Beatles are Gods and Elvis is king?! HA!


- Skyy

P.S. MixMasters? Much ado...nothing? pick up the latest mix CD by DJ Mark Farina or DJ John Aquiviva (this guy IS thinking on Beethoven's level - assuming you really do know something about music theory!), maybe, just maybe, your mind will be expanded, the fog will lift, and you will understand. (assuming you're not too close-minded)