Who would be in Awe?
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I could carry on and go on how Great you are.
I could tell you how your music helped build a stronger bond
with my teenager son (at 17 years old and in counting).I could tell
you that your work is not done and that you have in effect touched millions of hearts
in the past year with your coy but powereful music pallette.
Yes,the world needs more people like you..(Rap musicians should head warning
that you are a force to content with)
Why? Cuz you make and play the best damn music in the World!!!
I could tell you that but then all the Letters and the Emails written
so far have already done that for me and then some............

Hmmmm,if given a chance I offen wonder who would be in more awe if placed in the same
room together . You or Paul McCarthy ? Yes your that good......

Anyhow,keep your soul alive and fed well. I'm in a point in my life
I starting to pick out and play some of your tunes from the "All your
Mad Muscians" album. I've even been to the beach a few times to play
and people always ask me who is that your playing? I just smile and say it's a old freind by the name
of "Waldo" .They just walk away breathing "Waldo Waldo..need to hit the internet and do a Search...

Anyhow,the women on the beach crane their ears when I play your music.
So you'll be happy to know as the reports keep coming in, It looks like
you have a very strong "thong bikini"following out there..Hey-hey-hey..
Thank's for sharing your soul with us. And by the way,be wired diffrently does have
it's advantages in the sea clucking Penquins.(This is good thing)

Well,take care, I'm headed up to try and see you in Wis in Cedar rapids or
at Caf'e Carpe in September if your not sold out already....

Be well


Gerry (Another unknown fan in the making)