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It would easier to tell you the ones I don't like, lol! All of Michael's songs were great . . . well, maybe with the exception of "Software" which you haven't included as a video, have you? Anyway, my all time favorite song will always be
"Departure". I've always loved the video of Mj singing "That's That" (that was a favorite of mine for a long, long time).
"The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulders" is special to me because my mother loved it, God rest her soul. I like the one on Oklahoma Stray. I love "Fireflies" - is that one on YouTube yet? I love "Bristlecone Pine" and "Upon a Christmas Eve". Ones that you put on after Mj's death that I'd never heard, but are favorites of mine are "Either You or Me" and "Here You Are (The Photograph)".

I recently saw a Mj video of a song that John Denver did on his album "Rhymes and Reasons": "Yellow Cat". Didn't you once say that John did a lot of songs that Mj had originally performed? I believe it, lol.

Hope you are feeling better. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for the work that you continue to do to keep Mj's music and legacy alive. As just one of Mj's fans, may I say: "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts.