Today's YouTube video

I'm don't think I can send out a message to everyone who's signed up to get the YouTube notifications. I posted "Love is a Cross" this morning and then TO MY HORROR, I found I had already put it up ages ago. My database was not up to date! I replaced it with another demo, "Leave It to a Child", co-written by MJ.

What are your favorite MJ YouTubes? Demos, concert songs, 60's recordings? I know everyone loves the actual concert and TV videos but I don't have many of those.

I suddenly recalled when I saw MJ in Rochester MN in 1985, while he was signing autographs and such before the show started inside, there was a TV playing a concert of his. It was a Beta tape, belonging to his management I assume. I asked if I could borrow it to make a copy, I was ready to rent a Beta machine and everything. Of course I got a sure, but never received it, not that I expected to. That would be such an awesome show to have now. Wonder if it's in someone's office or was trashed.