Time and Sky

Thank you so much for posting "Time and Sky", Cindy! When I was opening a concert for him I played a Brazilian instrumental by Luiz Bonfa that Michael really liked; just from watching me play it once he noticed and commented that "Your (a) is much better than mine. " (and (a) is the right hand ring finger in classical guitar notation) . I was amazed that he picked up on that, but years later I was working with some Chicago musicians who knew Michael and said "When anyone else is playing music in the room, Michael is really concentrating on everything they do. He sees all, and more importantly, he usually learns it on the spot after seeing/hearing it only once." During that concert I did with him he told the audience "There was a time when I played EVERYTHING as a bossa nova" and demonstrated by playing/singing the first line of "A Hard Day's Night" with perfect bossa nova phrasing and substitution chords. The crowd went nuts, and Michael just said "Oh, please, no, don't encourage it..."