Songwriting camp with Michael in 2012

Hello everyone,

I met Michael at a song writing camp in Nova Scotia in 2012 while he was there as an instructor...and what an instructor he was!

I was blown away by his generosity. My hands were shaking and knees were knocking when he asked me to play one of my original songs for him as we sat one on one. As I played, to my amazement, he began to play along to my song as an accompanist. Once we finished, he complimented my guitar playing and said that my guitar style made it easy for him to play along. I was on cloud 9!

One of the goals for that song writing camp was to write an original song and play it at a grand finale concert at a historic old church in front of a couple of hundred people.

I was due to perform right after the intermission. I was nervous as the song was brand new and not quite polished or finished. I was outside walking around trying to calm my nerves when Michael walked up to me and asked me what song I was going to perform.

The thought crossed my mind to ask him to accompany myself and I wrestled with the thought of asking him because I didn't want to put him on the spot. It was already nerve wracking enough performing in front of a hero. For what seemed like a lifetime in my mind, I was trying to think of how to approach him or ask him if he'd like to play along with myself. I'm quite certain that I wouldn't be able to ask any other of my musical heroes to do so, so in what was probably an awkward exchange, I nervously asked him to play alongside of myself.

Again, in utter amazement, he said "sure, what key are you playing in". So after about 30 seconds of describing the song I was about to play, I got to play in a concert along side of one of my heroes.

Mid way through the song, I remembered that I left space for an instrumental break and during the song I asked Michael for a guitar solo and he pulled it off without missing a beat.

I can call these 5-6 minutes the highlight of my song writing career and am so glad I got to spend this time with Michael.

The video link below is a video shot by someone in the crowd of us performing, they don't pan to Michael till mid song. Just copy and paste the link into your browser to see the video

Rob Richardson


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