Funny MJ Story -- Massasoit College Concert

The Massasoit concert video brought back lots of memories. Arriving in Massachusetts by Amtrak train a day before that concert, I checked into an old, moderately run-down hotel. All the famous chain hotels had been booked weeks before, due to an event in town. Clearly, this hotel had seen much better days. It was an absolute dive!

At the concert intermission the next day, Michael asked me if I was staying at the nearby chain hotel. I told him no, I was staying at a seedier hotel several miles away. He asked me what the hotel was like. Always honest, I told him that the haunted toilet had driven me crazy, gurgling all night long and flushing itself every few minutes! Since I needed to stay overnight again at the same hotel before returning home, I would have to put up with the toilet's antics one more night.

Michael grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and proceeded to draw pipes and valves and a tank and a bowl: a complete toilet diagram. He explained the location of the water shutoff valve below the tank, and told me that if I turned that valve, it would shut off the toilet so that it wouldn't make any noise! Back at the hotel later, I found the shutoff valve exactly where his diagram indicated. I slept well that night, but always wondered WHAT OTHER FAMOUS MUSICIAN would take the time to explain the workings of a toilet to a fan? Regrettably, his diagram got lost somewhere down through the years. It would have been a priceless souvenir!

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