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Hi, Val,

Yes, I agree with all your choices -- especially Dialogue -- and could probably add at least 20 more of my own favorites, topping the list with the first two songs I ever heard MJ sing on the radio: "The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder," and "I Will Whisper Your Name." I sat absolutely transfixed, and still do every time I hear those songs. They were just so DIFFERENT from all the big-cowboy-hat country garbage that was being played on the radio (at least here in NY) at the time. If it is possible, I fell in love with MJ sight unseen just from hearing those songs.

Speaking of "Songs You WISH Michael Had Recorded:"

He almost whacked me on the head with his guitar case (!) when I once told him I wish he had recorded Hugh Prestwood's "The Song Remembers When," instead of TY. It's not that I dislike her version of the song, it's just that I often thought he would have had a more soulful, more nuanced version, totally different, more poignant, more..... more.... more... What? Something indefinable... something uniquely MJ.