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I only discovered in the last year it was a JA cover since I'm only familiar with the name, not their music. I've realized in the last year that in the late 60s and very early 70's he covered less obscure songs. Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne's "The Road", Georgy Girl,, John Prine songs, etc Then he went to the obscure songs in the 70's and 80's before turning to his regular songwriters like Huge Prestwood and the Nashville songwriters.

I'm going to soon put a list of all the songs I have recordings of, with the songwriters, on the site. I hope you'll find it interesting! Maybe this weekend.

In 1999, I played a song for Michael from Tom Waits' new CD, "Mule Variations," and he told me he couldn't cover it because his version had to be the ultimate version, which was not the case in his early days. I found the CD copy I had made for him among his cassettes last year; he had turned me on to Tom Waits with San Diego Serenade in concert and Old Coat and Ol'55 in a backstage recording and the latter with Mark Henley in a soundcheck. I wish I thought they were something I could share on YouTube. Maybe I should add a new YouTube channel of these type of recordings - low quality, I'm not sure. I have a beautiful recording of Mark Henley's "Mother Night" but it's a live audience recording, though pretty good quality considering. I also recorded a Hopkins concert in the 2000's using MJ's portable DAT recorder through the soundboard but the sound guy had me set the levels and I have the guitar turned up too high. But there a couple songs from the show which are the only recording I have of them. Please give me your thoughts.

As for favorite portions of songs like you asked for, it's really late so I can't recall any at the moment except .... well, I hate harps. Never heard one I liked. (Hoping Truly doesn't read this message board since she's a harpist.) But i love the harp in "There is a Breeze", particularly the portion right after the bridge, right before "There is a Feeling..."

As for favorite lyrics,
"I've been off chasing rainbows, I know that won't surprise you
But believe it or not, these days I'm catching a few"
from "Either You Or Me" by Hugh Prestwood. MJ said he helped write that song. Hugh did not answer my email to confirm that. And all the lyrics from The Line and These Days. Well, he sure could pick the songs so the ones, especially in the 70s and 80s all have incredible lyrics.

Regarding his version being the best of any existing recording, you only have to listen to Hugh Prestwood's "Kiss Me Goodbye." I like Huge Prestwood's recordings but Michael's versions of his songs are so incredible.

Thanks, Rachel, for letting me share. I have a question for everyone. What's your least favorite MJ recording? Mine is Ponies, a fan favorite. And oh my God, the intro story he used to tell for that song!