Lifetime Guarantee Import(s) Question:

Well, I was originally going to order the Lifetime Guarantee french digipak (from Magic Records, I believe, they can be found on the net at http://www.magic-records.com , I believe the michael johnson listing itself can be found at http://www.magic-records.com/resultat-gb.asp?type=artistes&artiste=JOHNSON&prenom=Michael&prefixe= )(oh, and they've also reissued Home Free as a single cd), but a few months after that release, Vivid Sound also reissued Lifetime Guarantee. Now, I have both of the other vivid sound reissues, and they sound great IMO (even though they have a minute amount of tape hiss, which is not really a problem), and I'm wondering whether it is worth the $10 or so extra bucks for the Vivid Sound reissue (which, I'm thinking, probably has the liner notes insert like every other Japanese import I've ever bought...really neat addition).

Can anyone please give their opinion?
Kevin Loy
(oh, and btw, Vivid Sound is online. their site is at http://vividsound.co.jp . If you can make your way through some of the japanese text, the catalog can be viewed in English)