Goodbye *PIC*

I was just watching the part of the CMAs in which they remember the artists we lost in the past year, and I was shaken to see Michael’s picture come up. I had heard he’d been ill, but not like that.

It had been my good fortune to meet and gain a passing acquaintance with Michael through his performances at Charlotte’s Web in Rockford Illinois. As a guitar player with more persistence than talent, I owe him a debt, initially of inspiration and later for the bits and pieces I was able to absorb from his prodigious style and ability.

I last saw Michael a number of years ago when I literally bumped into him while getting off a flight into Nashville. I was amazed that he remembered me. When I got home I dusted off the few of his songs that I do, and I play them to this day. I’ve long harbored this idea that someday, I’d get a chance to show him what I’ve I’ve been able to make of the gift I got from him. Now, I guess not, but I will always cherish and respect his music and the person as I knew him to be.

George Corwin, Heber City Utah, November 8th, 2017

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