Re: So thankful for this website

Hi Cindy,

Not only are you sharing Michael's music and humor with his fans through your great work, but you are also helping others to connect (or reconnect) with him too!

In my case, I had lost touch with Michael's work after seeing a few of his shows in the early '80s and buying one of his albums. When he passed in July, I was saddened and went online to find out more about him and his music.

The wonderful work you've done on this website not only helped me catch up on his career, but turned me into a hardcore fan of Michael. I realized what I had been missing, and I've since gathered up all of his albums (with some assistance from you!).

I suspect there are a lot of others who you've helped reconnect with Michael's music over the years, and I'm sure that new fans will find him in future years because of you and your hard work here and on the YouTube channel you've set up.

So, a I send a heartfelt 'thank you' to you for all that you do! Keep up the great work!