Videos and thanks

I need to concentrate on the redesign of the website so will be putting the videos on hold for a while. I added a great video last night, Special People from 1979 showing interviews from MJ, Sally and Keith Christianson, Michael's manager from the early days.

Like a lot of you, it's been a devastating few months since Michael died. It's still hard to believe he's not still here. I still think I have to contact him and ask him about a song and then realize I won't be able to. Or not to see him in concert again or talk to him about our shared interests. I never had anyone in my life, not even my ex-husband, who I had so much in common with or I could talk about anything. I have many regrets about not spending more time with him the last few years like he wanted, but I have to remember instead all the good and exciting times we shared in the past 45 years. I'd be a totally different person if he hadn't entered my life when I was so young.

Going through a lot of stuff since July, I've dealt with a lot of people, but I want to thank the people who have been so kind and generous with their support and time and helped me in so many ways. Al Behrends (Gustavus), Deanna B., Barbara S., Pete W., Gil P., John M., Trudy, Corliss & Gayle, all who I met through MJ or through of MJ's music so many years ago. The people I've met, corresponded or talked with this year: Teri D, Sue H., Val Y., Paul A., Todd W., Marina, Misty M., Jane N., Joan T., and lately Les from jonimitchell.com who has given me advice on the website redesign. To Steve Gibson who gave me such valuable advice on Michael's music archives. And all the other kind emails I've receive from Michael's friends and fans offering condolences. I've really come to realize that kindness is underrated. (And if I've promised anything to anyone but haven't followed through yet, please remind me. Misty, I haven't forgotten.) I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

Michael would be so happy with the help you guys have given me and the kindness you've shown. I hope through you, we can keep his music alive and I want to keep giving you more new music as if he was still here to do that himself.

Lastly to my little guy, Micah; I couldn't have gotten through any of this without him.

Love to you all,