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His passing was overlooked by the local media, too, can you believe it? However, the StarTribune covered it and Minnesota Public Radio did, too, because my sister called their tip line. If I had known better, I would have called all the local TV stations.

None of his concerts have been released formally. There is a Bemidji, MN, concert which was recorded and was shown during their pledge drives. I have a copy of it and MJ expressed interest in it a couple months ago so I think it's something he'd like out there. I'm not sure of the legal ramifications of it if I put it up on YouTube though.

There are a lot of YouTube videos of him and I'm trying to update the ones on this site. Today I put up Gravy Waltz from a soundcheck. Love his smiles. I'm adding old and new to a new MJ YouTube channel.

I recorded his entire concert once in 2002 with a video camera from work but it was nothing professional no zooming in or anything. The Fate of Fireflies on this site is from that concert. I'll see about adding more songs and this time with his intros.


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