Re: condolences for passing of Michael


As you remember more, I hope you will keep posting things! I've enjoyed reading what you've written so far.

I, too, have trouble remembering things. In fact, for my birthdays, a cousin bought me a shirt that says, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!" It's sad but true.

Speaking of aging, I just put on my drug-store reading glasses and looked at the suitcase photos on Departure. In addition to the Koln, Germany sticker, there is one for Genova (Genoa) and one for Budapest. The rest are indecipherable to me. Maybe someone with better eyes could make out a few more...

If anyone reading this is feeling in need of a mini-vacation, do an image search for Varmland, Sweden. The images are idyllic, peaceful, beautiful, incredible. Hard to imagine Michael's ancestors leaving all that behind and coming to America.

Thank you again for your stories!