Re: condolences for passing of Michael

Hi Steve,

Gosh that makes so much sense that LG was produced by Bardani and Colina. I did not make the connection. They did produce some of Franks' best work at around the same time-early Eighties.

Music is such a wonderful journey for those of us who really love it almost as a way of life. We pick up something like The MJ album and make this amazing discovery of artistry through the album cuts which often no one else has heard. That's exactly what Michael Johnson's music was for me. Yes, there were the heartbreakingly beautiful love songs, his wonderful rich voice and his virtuoso playing and the excellent production values of those albums I mentioned, but there were things like "Rosalie," that were really different. MJ could groove and it's intriguing to think what other things he might have done in that direction.

As popular music was finding its way after disco into new wave, I lost the thread and couldn't pick it up again. I went more in the direction of jazz. There was a lot of fantastic progressive and fusion jazz in that period and many excellent producers like Bardani and Colina. Think of some of Jay Graydon's work with Jarreau and many others, for example. I wonder what an MJ album produced by Graydon would have sounded like. He was so great with vocalists I bet it would have been great.

I disagree that LG was a failed experiment. I loved the progressive vibe to it. It was kind of a stretch but I think he needed to try it and I thought it worked. There was a risk for Michael then that he was sounding too handled. He needed to be his own man musically which, of course, was what he was.

So interesting that you shared your knowledge of Michael and your discussions with him. I would love to hear so much more.

Thank you for your kind and interesting response.