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Hello Michael,
I have been a fan of yours since I first heard your live album when I was 18 back in 2000. I still play your live at the blue bird record in my car at least once a week. Now I have my kids in my car and they get a kick out of there daddy singing your songs. My daughter Elle is 5 and my son Leo is 3. I have thought about playing 'dirty hands and dirty faces' at my sons wedding way before he was born. This has been a dream of mine before my son was a glimmer in my eye and before I met my wife.

The song struck a chord with me just after my father and I had been through years of turmoil in my teenage years. We made ammends and I played this for him years later. My father appreciated it because of what he had put his dad through as well as what the two of us had overcome.

Sorry for the story, but I want you to know that your song helps me strive to be a better father and more appreciative of my time with my kids. Thank you for your song, thank your for your lyrics and thank you for your melodic guitar.

So, how do it get the chords?

Owner of all your albums,

Jordan Uselton

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