Will miss you, cousin.

As you know, your dad Ed, and my mom Ruth were siblings, raised in Denver. When my parents were married, they became Californians, and I only saw you sparingly. That was my loss because your parents raised such great kids who made a difference in the world. I fondly remember coming to your house and jumping on the trampoline when I was about 6 or seven years old. What a thrill. That, of course was before any of your brothers got really good at it and made an impact. We have had a trampoline for our kids and grandkids for at least the past 25 years. I next saw you perform in 1970 in Denver while I was doing a pre-Vietnam stint at Fort Carson. I came up and (re)-introduced myself to you. I felt quite welcome and totally enjoyed the evening. A few years later I stayed in touch by buying some of your CD's, with I still enjoy. Bluer Than Blue has a fond place in my memory, as do other songs on that memorable first album. More years passed and I tracked you down by phone in Memphis. Great to hear your voice again and be welcomed as a friend. So hard when there are just too many miles and life's business in the way of being more close. 72 is way too young (since I just turned 70 myself), but I know we will touch base again, and they have a much longer time to spend as true family.
I will miss you, and the legacy you have left.
Your cousin, Don, and the California Eaton's