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The WCCO-TV "The Place" footage of Leo and MJ is truly a great find! According to the video date stamp it was produced in May 19, 1973. Michael had finished recording "There is a Breeze" on Atlantic during the Fall of 1972 with Phil Ramone, Peter Yarrow, Leo Kottke, Ralph Towner, Airto, etc. Leo had recorded the "Orange Juggling" recording for Capitol records. Approximately a month prior to this video being recorded in April 1973, I had the rare privilege of playing guitar with Michael when a friend brought him over to the house I was living at after a concert where he had performed at the local college in Sioux Falls, SD. A group of friends were over to the house so Michael felt inspired to go out to his Blue Ford Econoline Van to bring his "Guild Mark III" Classical guitar in order to perform an impromptu performance. As it so happened a roommate gave me his D18 Martin guitar in order for me to perform as I did not have my guitar (i.e., I have a D28 Martin). Both Michael and myself were sitting on the living floor performing "On the Road", "Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon", etc. The friends who were present during this event did a "Sing Along" as in an audience participation. Afterwards, Michael shared a few stories about performing and recording. Years, later I would mention to him the gathering event which he recalled, even though he has performed hundreds of shows over the years. It was truly an inspiring moment and this video really brings it home for me! Fond memories!