Re: Fate of Fireflies Questions

Yes, the great video on this site was what prompted me to ask. He didn't play it in any of the three concerts I was fortunate to attend and so am grateful to find it here.

I'm teaching myself several MJ tunes and this is one I'd love to take a shot at. I found a video of Hugh Prestwood performing it, but like MJ's arrangement a bit better. It's certainly more difficult, but I like a challenge.

I'm having a bit of a time getting a few of the lyrics down also. Below is what I have so far with a few blanks left to fill in.

Well I read somewhere that they’re slowly disappearing.
Cause there’s too much light in the evening sky
And in all that glare, even with their brightest flicker.
They can’t find another firefly.
Baby I could swear that the same goes for true lovers.
Don’t they always find each other in the dark?
It was a twist of fate that I was trapped in shadows
When I saw you flash your perfect spark
There are all these people in the world saying true love’s just a lie

_____ ? fit in to the glow of a rosy neon sky

So what do you say? Baby shall be turn these lights out?
So that we can see what is right before our eyes

By that same ______ ? let us find salvation

And escape the fate of fireflies
And escape the fate … the fate of fireflies