Acoustic Sounds Cafe, Little Rock Arkansas

I'm looking forward to the Acoustic Sounds gig. I haven't seen Mike since February, 1985, and only briefly then. Our mutual friend, Danny Paulette, a fine musician in his own right, had died of cancer. Dan's friends held a two-night benefit to raise money for a trust fund for Dan's daughter. Mike performed one night, Greasy Greens (a local Dan Hicks-type revue band) and I performed the other night. We raised a lot of money. Dan, his wife Mimi and I met Michael on Bourbon Street in the spring of 1969. We were gigging at a joint on the street (the Bayou Room; the last time I looked, it was a T-shirt shop); Mike was passing through, doing coffeehouse gigs. He fell in with us--moved in with us for a memorable week of artistic and other excess. Michael was rehearsing--when he wasn't driving to another coffeehouse gig--for his performance in "Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris". Thank you for giving me a place to rattle on about my old friend. I'm just excited that he's going to perform in Little Rock (finally after all these years) and I really hope I can at least get a ticket for myself and one for my daughter, who will go along with me only to see if she can find out why Daddy gets so excited when Rich Warren plays one of Michael's or Crow's songs on The Midnight Special. Being around Mike is to watch an extraordinary human being at work and at play at the same time. Dan Paulette once told me (and I am paraphrasing--it was a long time ago) that Michael doesn't always tell the exact truth. My response was that everything Michael says is true--in the sense that it is always Miller Time somewhere.