1973 WCCO video

I enjoyed this performance featuring MJ and Leo Kottke, and thought some of you might too. The audio/video quality is not the greatest, but the performances are top notch! Includes a beautiful performance of the Villa Lobos etude which is also on one of his albums.


Like some of the rest of you, I have been affected in an unexpectedly strong way by Michael's death. Even though I hadn't listened to his music much in recent years, I have now been revisiting it, and have been waking up every morning with his songs going through my mind.

He seems to have touched a lot of people, both through his music -- so earnest, heartfelt and beautifully rendered, and because he was so approachable and kind to his fans. Happy I got a chance to talk to him several times.

And glad to see that his son Leo caught the music bug! I'll be following his career.