Michael memories in the here and now

Just spent 5 hours at Carson's American Bistro in Ann Arbor. Why 5 hours, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Ginny Jakes and I went there shortly after 6pm to have dinner. There was 70's rock and roll playing over the P.A. We were telling our server and the manager about my having had meals there several times with Michael Johnson over the years, and that when I finally heard "Bluer Than Blue" over the P.A., dang, he wasn't with me. Further discussion revealed that the music playing in the restaurant is Pandora. We asked the manager to type "Michael Johnson" into Pandora for us, and he obliged. I predicted that along with MJ, we would hear Steven Bishop, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg, and by golly, we did. Of course we were singing along with every artist. About every 5th song was Michael, and Ginny and I kept telling ourselves we would leave after the next MJ song. By the time we'd heard Michael 5 times, it was time for another dessert. I was getting choked up here and there, and called Don Henry to tell him what we were up to. When the first Dan Fogelberg song came on, I had to call Don Campbell and tell him what we were up to. I knew these two dear friends would get it. When we finally got ready to leave for real, it was closing time, and Lionel Richie was singing --I kid you not -- "Truly."