Concert listing 1970-2017

I just had a request to post a listing of Michael's concerts. I had already done this a week ago, linked from his concert schedule page but hadn't had a chance to post it on the message board yet. I've now added concerts going back to 1970.

Michael had me go through his contracts and my newspaper articles to put together a listing I think in the mid 90s. I can't remember why he needed this. A lot of the dates were approximate. Beginning in April 1997 is when I started with the website. I always had a complete listing of those dates for Michael and myself - he needed them for tax purposes and i used them to copy and paste concert details for repeat shows. This is no ways completely accurate as I didn't always marked the cancelled ones on that listing. And there are quite a few missing in the years right before 1997.

If anyone has any to add, or sees errors, please email me at mjwebmaster@mjblue.com. Again, go to the concert itinerary to see this. http://www.mjblue.com/mjsched.html .

If there's anything else you'd like on the website, just drop me a line. I know the photos and videos I added years ago were geared towards dialup modems so I'd like to create new versions but I'm still waiting to hear from Leo and Stan Johnson what their plans are for the site, if any.