When I first heard Michael's music...

The first time I heard Michael's music, I was at Mankato State University, 1979, taking Paramedic studies. I was living in a small apartment on the edge of the campus. Two girls lived across the hall from me, and they would play music as they got ready to go to class in the morning. One record they played often was Michael's "The Michael Johnson Album", with his hit, "Bluer Than Blue". Those girls loved to dance, and the song, "Dancin' Tonight" was a favorite of theirs. As a result of hearing that album, I began collecting all of Michael's albums.

In late December of 1980, I left Mankato State to reenter the US Navy. I stayed on active duty until my retirement in April, 1997. Throughout that time, and since, I have listened to Michael's music. His wonderful songs helped me endure sad times, but also in celebrating joyous events as well.

Never before in my life, had I felt a instant connection with a artist's music as I did with MJ's music. It was as if he was singing about MY life and the problems I was having.

Thank you for being such a integral part of my life, Michael. Peter