Michael's 1980 Bemidji, MN, concert *PIC*

Hello Everyone,

I was very saddened to hear of Michael's passing. I was a senior in high school and just getting into photography when I had the good fortune to attend and photograph Michael's performance at Bemidji State University sometime during the spring of 1980. It was the first concert I had shot from the foot of the stage and it was a great experience. I'll share a few of the photos in posts here.

Michael put on a wonderful show, and I was mesmerized by his guitar playing, singing and engaging personality. I was so impressed by him that I went out and bought his "The Michael Johnson Album" a short time later to get "Bluer Than Blue" into my record collection.

As the years went by and my career took me out of the Upper Midwest, I lost touch with Michael's music and his career. Upon hearing of his passing, I wanted to learn more about him and how his music had evolved and grown. Thanks to this wonderful website and Cindy's work on it, I was able to catch up on every aspect of Michael's career.

I am so impressed with Michael's ability to make such great music throughout all of the label changes, genre changes and other challenges he faced! He was a very talented musician -- and from all accounts, a really wonderful person too. His talent and personality seemingly deserved much more national recognition than he received, but the music industry oftentimes moves in mysterious ways.

Speaking of the music industry's mysterious ways, it's a shame that more of Michael's music isn't available on CD or at least as official downloads. His work certainly deserves to be accessible to his fans -- and those potential new fans that learn of him in the future and want to hear more.

My condolences go out to Michael's family, friends and fans. And special condolences and thanks to Cindy for her support of both Michael and his website (You do good work!).

Todd Winge