"We'll Always Love You"

It's been nearly 46 years since my introduction to the music of Michael Johnson. This last week, many wonderful memories have surfaced, aided by these posts from like-minded folks. Reading them has been such a nostalgic experience.

No matter the venue, an MJ performance always felt like being in a cozy living room, enjoying an entertaining evening with friends. True fans will get that. At his best, just a guy and his (excellent!) guitar interacting with the people - no celebrity attitude on or offstage. Michael valued his fans, and the crowd loved him. How lucky are we to have the recordings to keep him close!

A 2013 review of a CD spoke of Michael's skills as a musician and songwriter. It also praised him as a sublime interpreter of the songs of others, referring to him as kind of a "Nashville Kenny Rankin". (I'd love to hear that heavenly duet!) It was all there - the talent, the wit, the personality, and that voice! Every song was personal. I know we will all miss him dearly.

I was stunned to learn of Michael's passing and will always feel the loss of one of my absolute favorite entertainers. The sorrow felt by his family and closest friends must surely be overwhelming. I would hope that memories of "Happier Days" will help them through this very painful time.

Thank you, Michael, for the tremendous joy you brought to all. "You're Not Easy To Forget" - hopefully you always knew how much you meant to us.