We'll miss you, Michael!

Hello there...I didn't know Michael Johnson personally, but over the last year, I've been collecting all of Michael's albums, including my recent purchase of "There Is A Breeze"...Everyone knows the hits, but I really dig the album cuts, including "Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon" (for which I have a promo 45')...Other songs such as "Doors", "If You Can't Feel Love" from "Lifetime Guarantee", "Right Through The Heart" and "Sailing Without A Sail" have become favorites...I've been rediscovering all of his records, and if any of you have a love for Michael and his music, I would suggest you do the same! There will never be another voice like Michael's and I was so glad he got to know his long-lost daughter...Michael, please know you were loved by many people in this world, including many like myself that you never even met...I will continue to appreciate and enjoy your musicianship and beautiful voice as often as possible...May you rest in peace knowing you are loved by so many!