A gentle man

I met Michael at a treatment facility for drugs and alcohol somewhere around the early 80's with Roger and Jane. I trust that's OK to mention at this point. I was fortunate enough to be in a place with human beings that were vulnerable to the best of their ability and fragile. You get to see under the surface of the nonsense we carry around. We all got to be pretty good friends, and I with Michael. I often feel small around puffed up powerful men but not with him, even given his popularity, who he was 'out there'. He was a gentle man and I could especially see it in his eyes. There was an energy about him that tended to feel safe and when I first saw him in concert, that's what he created with his audience. I was amazed by that dance. It was inviting, a special thing to see and feel. There aren't a whole bunch of men out there that do that instinctively but Michael was one of them. It was an honor to know him, to share our demons and all the rest of it together in a magical little place. Thank you for your friendship Michael and for some special memories.