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Cindy, is there any chance that a separate musical celebration might be held? Gayle and I so wanted to come to the memorial, but we are hosting a house concert the day before, and we don't think we could realistically get there in time on 8/20 even if we flew. But a musical gathering seems like it would be a great way to celebrate and honor Michael. There was a beautiful tribute concert held at Swallow Hill in Denver for Chuck Pyle several months after he passed away, with musicians who had known and worked with him playing their versions of his songs and telling stories about knowing him and working with him. It was very moving and had a whole different vibe from the memorial service that was held earlier. In fact they are doing another one in October. These are benefit concerts, so they do charge for tickets, but I believe most of the money is donated. Anyway, it's an idea, and maybe you would know who are the best people to approach with it? Again, thanks for all your loving attention to Michael's website and archives. We are working on getting a few photos to you and a video of a concert he did here in Colorado Springs maybe 10 years ago.