Thank You Michael

As a student at Moorhead State in the mid to late 70's, I spent many a night with friends listening to the music and soothing voice of Michael Johnson. I loved his music so much that I knew the words to every song and often sang second or third part harmonies to most of them. His guitar style and expertise were and are unmistakable and his voice was perfectly suited to his singer songwriter vibe. We mostly listened to his earlier music and when I started singing in coffee houses in the late 70's I used many of his songs and learned so much from listening to him sing. One of the greatest compliments I ever received as a singer was having a close friend tell me that Michael Johnson sounded a lot like me… LOL. How much better does it get than that. I have spent the bulk of my adult life singing or playing music and Michael Johnson has always been and always will be a part of that. I will never be rich or famous, but I have been able to make a good living doing what I love and I know that I would not have gotten here without the talent and inspiration of a remarkable singer/entertainer/musician named Michael Johnson. Thank you Michael for sharing your incredible gifts with the world and with me. Your music made me cry in the 70's and it still makes me cry 40 years later. You will be missed.