Deepest Sympathies

My deepest sympathies are sent to Michael’s siblings and children, and grandchildren. They are also sent to Cindy, who has done an incredible job maintaining this website throughout the years, and has been a friend to all of us who love Michael. My sympathies go out to every person on this message board, too. We all loved him in different ways, and we will miss him terribly.

Years before meeting Michael, I was totally captivated while listening to his music on the radio. When I finally met him after attending a show, it was such a wonderful surprise to find out what a nice person he was. There were five or six people waiting for him to finish talking with me. He told me they were all going to get some coffee and asked if I’d like to join them. I thanked him, but refused, and mentioned that I was waiting for my taxi (like most New Yorkers, I’ve never learned to drive). No problem, he said, they would all wait with me! AND WAIT THEY DID! I was amazed at his kindness.

For years and years, following concert after concert, he never needed reminding. He would automatically wait with me until my ride came. While waiting, he would pick a topic and debate politics and religion, music and life, any number of subjects. Most often we reached no conclusions, we just agreed to disagree. Astoundingly, the next time we talked, he would pick up exactly where we’d left off the previous debate. His memory was phenomenal. What was even more phenomenal to me was how he treated me. I’m just plain old me. I’ll never win a beauty contest. Men ignore me. “So So” could have been written about me. Yet Michael always made me feel like I was the most beautiful person in the room. He will be sorely missed. Please save me a cloud, good friend.