Only One Michael Johnson

There is only one Michael Johnson. Unique and set apart from all the rest. From the first time I heard his music back in the early 70s I knew that the gifts that he had been given were a one off. There weren't going to be any others out there like him. There were many who tried, myself included, to master his technique in open D or drop D tuning. Close is the best that any of us ever got. Michael was indeed, the master. He was inspiring as much as he was unique, but always approachable with an open hand and a big smile on his face. In 1977 I flew Michael to Nashville to play on an album I was recording at the time, "Save the Dancer". Steve Gibson was producing and Brent Mahaer was engineering. Ironically, the song Michael played on, never made the album. However, the friendship and chemistry between Steve, Brent, and Michael was undeniable. When great talent like that comes together, all you can do is sit back and watch what is possible. And for decades they gave us some of the greatest American music ever recorded. We are all so saddened by his passing, but can take comfort in celebrating what we remember, and what we can remind each other of. Take care my friend, we will all see you again. Gene Cotton