Rest in Peace Michael *PIC*

Michael Johnson has been perhaps my biggest influence and (unknowingly to him) a major key to my love of guitar and to my career. It is because of this man in 1973 that I began playing nylon string guitars primarily in all my shows. I was knocked out by the album "There is a Breeze" and was fortunate to first see him at the Guthrie Theater just after Christmas in 73 and then on a professional level throughout the years. In my view Michael Johnson was aloof yet approachable, distant yet accessible. At the acme of the industry he continued to perform in small venues and stayed close to his core fans and followers. Much like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Michael had and has the respect of all professionals in the industry. A remarkable man. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to his family, close friends, and fans. I will carry on his legacy as long as I continue to perform and will be forever grateful to this man. I've attached his 8x10 promotion headshot drawing from 1973 which I've kept all these years! Rest in Peace Michael. Much love, Steve Moris