As a member of The Brothers Four, I want to say that we are all thinking about Michael. His role in the Mitchell Trio (aka Denver, Boise, and Johnson) was significant if short. He brought his unique style and talent to the music of that era. Personally I was living in Minneapolis in 1973 and got a copy of "There Is a Breeze" and became a fan for life. It was my delight to share a stage with him in Colorado in 2004. It was fun to find out he was as engaging in person as he was on stage. He sang a song called "Oklahoma Stray" that brought me to tears. A year or so later I saw him again and he told about singing "Learning How To Love" for an hour a day alone in a room during some time in rehab. What a great story teller. What a good and special man. He will be missed and yet I can feel his spirit as I sit listening to "That's the Deal."
Thank you, Michael. For the music and the memories.