He touched innumerable lives

This makes me very sad. 😢 MJ was a household entity in our lives. My husband, Bruce, was hugely influenced by this man in his own musical career. I've heard songs from Michael's There is a Breeze, For All You Mad Musicians, Ain't Dis Da Life albums played and sung by Bruce for about 40 years now. We would see him live whenever we could. The highlight being for Bruce's 50th birthday, we went to see him live and we were able to chat with him afterwards. Bruce was able to have a great conversation and thank him for being so influential in his life and career. In typical MJ humor, he asked to see Bruce's callouses to prove he was a working guitarist/bassist. Such a beautiful moment, I'll never forget. I know MJ is still singing and playing somewhere and it is as beautiful as ever! Please be sure to post on the website if there will be any tribute concert or public celebration of Michael's life.