To Everyone

Your message board postings, emails and also Facebook messages are overwhelming. I can't keep up with them. (I've got my day job, too.) But they're all so touching to read. Also, thanks for all the CD orders - he would have loved those coming in! Michael and I were unable to pay the web host fee for this website this month. Now that's been taking care of.

It's been a whirlwind and I don't think his passing has quite sunk in yet and I think now and then, I've got to email or text MJ about something. Or I woke up today think about next month's musical being planned and I was thinking what song should I request Michael to perform. I'm hoping I'll stay in this frame of mind and not sink into a deep depression or something later else soon.

I'm trying to reply to postings or emails where you're asking something of me. If I haven't yet, please feel free to email me again. My email address is mjwebmaster@mjblue.com. I've put my home address on the home page in case someone wants to send me something - a photo they need scanned in or something. But here it is, too: Cindy McArthur, 327 Shawnee Trl, Shakopee MN 55379.

As I mentioned, Michael's wish was for more of his songs to be released on a CD - his demos and such. Of course if you have any requests, send them on. Ditto if you have any ideas for the website. He and I talked about how it was time for him to write another monologue, sadly there was no time. He had let the site go in recent years though he did send me his family photos. I'd still like to add a page of the photos you guys send in. It'll be a fun project, I just have to calm down a little first before starting it.

Thank you for all your condolences. He's shaped my life greatly, good or bad, since I meet him at the age of 14. I figured some day this time would come but it's hard to wrap my brain around it.

All my love,

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