OB Glad

I was first introduced to MJ and his music through WCCO radio back in the 70's. at the time, the radio was promoting the local boy and There Is A Breeze which was just released. I was so taken by the song, I took the bus to Dayton's downtown St. Paul and bought the album. More recently, I brought it to the Dakotah and had Michael sign the cover after his concert. he informed me I was one of the lucky ones that had the "white" album cover (only a certain number were printed) and he joked maybe I should sell it on ebay. I was so fortunate to see him the last several years in so many great little venues. I particularly enjoyed the Crossings in Zumbrota and the yearly Christmas concert in St. Peter. There were certain songs he'd play at these concerts i was so hoping would make it on another CD but time ran out. if anyone knows if So Are We, Bristlecone Pine or Firefly are out there, please let me know. OB Glad we were all touched my his music and his being