A Singular Moment in 1972

In Oct 1972 four teenagers went to the Cafe Extempore on Cedar Riverside to hear Leo Kottke. During his show in walks Michael J. The two proceeded to jam acoustical-classic-folk in a manner that I have held as a singular moment in my entire life. At the time I didn't have enough music experience to follow their technique. All I knew was the inspiration: "I want to PLAY like THAT!"

His Christmas concerts at the (old) Guthrie and Midwest colleges performances were refreshing. I avoided being "..the jaded fellow in the last row" who always asked for "Love and Sex". Instead I asked for The Centipede Song and Good Life.

My goal in my teen years was to play Rooty Toot Toot and Here Comes The Sun the way MJ did. In recent years I have practiced singing along with One Note Samba and Almost Like Being In Love to match his inflection. I contemplated asking if MJ gave style and arrangement lessons but never got the courage....

Like the centipede who tripped over his own feet, I now trip over my own fingers on guitar without MJ to show me how keep 'em rhythm'd.

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