A Good Man

Michael performed at my high school (Burnsville MN) in 1985. I was in charge of lighting for the performing arts center. I remember being very nervous to meet him and blown away by his approachability and humble demeanor. His only request to me was "please don't use a blue spot light on me during "Bluer than Blue." Of course I would have had he not given me that kind but firm direction.

The next year he played my college in Nebraska. I remember that he was just as humble and gracious when I approached him and told him I ran the lights for him the prior year. I doubt he remembered me, but he made me feel like he remembered meeting me.

I only met him twice, but feel that I got a good idea of what a great human being he was. Of course, it was obvious from his solo shows how talented he was at guitar, his golden toned voice, and humorous demeanor on stage.

God Bless you Michael as you have blessed us for many years.

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