Opening for MJ

I was the opening act for one of Michael's concerts in the mid 70's (but had been listening to him for years by then) and stayed friends/ would have tea and conversation with him when our touring paths crossed in different parts of the country ever after. During my opening set I told the audience "I heard Michael's sound check this afternoon and let me tell you, it takes some courage to be up here, just knowing the level of musicianship you're about to hear from him." The master of ceremonies came out after my set and before Michael's to give the "fire regulations speech" for the hall and ended by saying "And I heard the sound check this afternoon, too. You are about to be blown away." Michael came out after he was introduced and the first thing he said to the audience was "Gee. I hope the concert's as good as the sound check." MJ was simply the best I've ever heard, by far.