A very dear friend

I recall many years ago when Michael lived in Minnetonka, about 2 blocks from where I lived. My sister was a queen candidate for the Hopkins Raspberry Festival and one of her tasks was to sell the buttons. She hated doing it so I offered to go for her. I knew Michael lived in that house on that hill so I biked to his house a few times, trying to get up the courage to go and knock on his door to sell him a button. I finally did and couldn't believe this man that one of my other sisters introduced his music to me called out from one of the rooms to just "come on in!" I stood there totally star-struck when he came around the corner with his then 2 year-old son Stanley in diapers. He did end up buying the button from me and later I wound up babysitting Stanley for a time.
When he moved back to Minnesota, I went to see him in concert a few times and his gentle humor was wonderful! He sang many of his songs; old and new and at one concert in Hopkins, he even brought out Truly to sing the song "One Mile Away" with him. He did a meet and greet afterwards and I got the pleasure of meeting her as well. What a beautiful voice she has!
Michael was the most kind, gentle-hearted man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and I know we in Minnesota at least will miss him greatly! I know he's in Heaven singing to the Lord with the angels as his backup choir.